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Getting it right is about more than just colour. It's about feeling fantastic on the inside too.Thanks to Xen-Tan's unique moisture-rich formula, now even the fairest skin can enjoy a natural-looking tan. Easy to apply, and with a gorgeous fresh fragrance, it goes on smoothly and fades evenly, for a flawless finish every time. Leaving you looking radiant and feeling amazing. So how does it achieve such beautiful, olive results?Thanks to a unique time-release ingredient, they've been able to include even more DHA (the active tanning ingredient) than ever before. So you can enjoy longer lasting, more natural, and beautifully even results that complement your skin tone and fade evenly too.
Depending on your skin type, an airbrush tan can last for anything up to ten days. It can be maintained for as long as you need it, with top up applications of tanning solution.
  • Shower and exfoliate your skin well before you go for a sunless tanning session (we recommend 24 hrs prior). You won’t be able to shower for around twelve hours after the session, if you want the spray tan to be effective.
  • Shave or wax the day before your treatment.
  • Don’t wear any perfumes, lotions or deodorants which might stop the tanning solution from working by creating a barrier on your skin.
  • Take off any watches and other jewellery.
  • Wear dark underwear to the tanning booth, and loose dark clothing and flip flops to the salon, to avoid the tanning solution rubbing off on your clothes and shoes.

Spray Tan  £15  15 mins