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Indulge your hands and feet with our deluxe manicure and pedicure treatments. 

Nailtiques is a unique therapeutic nail care system designed to promote and maintain healthy, natural nail growth. Everyone's nails are different and need treating in a very individual way to ensure their condition is improved. Whether nails are soft and thin, hard and dehydrated or just require a maintenance programme, nailtiques has the formula to suit everyone.  Nailtiques nail care system treats multiple nail problems with six specially formulated protein strengths. 

  •  Nailtiques will give you nails outstanding results in just 6 weeks (book as course)
  •  Nailtiques contains a fusion of rich, natural ingredients including aloe vera, jojoba and avocado
  •  Nailtiques protein formula is sold every minute around the world
Nailtiques Manicure £18  30 mins
Nailtiques Luxury Manicure £28  1 hr
Shape and Polish £9  15 mins
Essential Pedicure £25  45 mins
Deluxe Pedicure £39  1 hr 20 mins
French Polish add on £5
Nail gemstones add on 50p per nail
Get the celebrity treatment with our fabulous 14-Day Polish manicure treatment. For clients who want their polish to last and last. This  brand new revolutionary product applied like regular polish but cured under a UV light,  will stay put for up to two weeks without chips and maintaining their high gloss shine. The perfect choice for special events or holidays. A must-have nail treat!