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The Face & Body Clinic -
Anti-Ageing Therapy in Expert Hands
at The Face and Body Clinic
We offer a very discreet and confidential service at our treatment rooms in Poulton-le-Fylde. There is free parking immediately outside the salon and your privacy is respected at all times.
The Face and Body Clinic has pioneered such treatments in Lancashire, having been way ahead of its time in introducing an anti-ageing therapy in 1985. It was also probably the first salon to offer Botox and dermal fillers, supporting a GP's training in this area to provide clients with safe and medically sound treatments.
There are around 3,500 unregulated clinics administering injectible treatments, but often have staff with no medical training. Even when there is some form of training underpinning a Botox treatment, this can be in the hands of a nurse who has attended a quick course. It is rare for a salon to have the resource that we have, in the shape of a GP, fully trained in this area of beauty treatment. Our GP probably has more experience than anyone else in the North West.
Having a GP perform this treatment is not just a case of peace of mind. If a patient does have a query, having had their Botox treatment, they can see The Face and Body Clinics GP within 24 hours. Where a nurse or roving so-called expert is used, a client might need to wait two months for their advice.
It is estimated that 1,600 anti-wrinkle treatments are performed every day. The Face and Body Clinic has itself handled hundreds of these safe, popular treatments over the years.
Patients tend to have two or three areas of the face in which treatment would be beneficial. Whilst Botox charges across the country are typically from £250-£300, most salons charge this sum per area tackled. We, however, include the two or three areas within this fee. This can save someone, on average, over £300 per session.