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Cellulite is caused by many factors such as genetics, hormones, hypothyroidism and a lack of exercise – associated with poor blood circulation and lymphatics. However the main cause of cellulite is weakened connective tissue. 
Before and After Endermologie Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire
The “orange peel” look or “cellulite” is formed as a three step process. The fat in the body, when not used up is stored in the adipocyte (fat) cells, and as they increase in volume, they are pushed up towards the surface of the skin and bulge out. The blood and lymph is then restricted by the increase in the cells which results in oxygen and nutrient loss. Fibrotic bonds (small muscles) are starved and when they harden, they retract down into the deeper layers of the skin, thus causing an uneven skin, or orange peel. This impairs the breakdown of the fat increasing the chances of the cellulite becoming hard and therefore harder to remove. The skin can become hard and cold to the touch, and during palpitation, it may be painful.

 Endermologie® is a safe, affordable & natural solution to getting rid of cellulite, removing stubborn fat, reducing fluid retention & firming the skin. This contouring body treatment utilises a hand-held treatment head that kneads the skin and the underlying fat deposits to reactivate the body’s lipolysis process (fat release). Great for improving circulation, loose skin, flabby arms and even a male ‘pot belly’.
Endermologie combats cellulite by combining two unique processes.Independent motorised rollers give the celulite a “work out” and  suction maintains that the skin is held in the chamber for the rollers to do their job. Working together they exercise the fibrotic bonds to stretch, thus allowing the blood and lymph to return to heal and replenish the area. The other effect Endermologie has on the cellulite is called lipolysis, which means that it encourages the fat to liquefy and return to move around the body. In doing so we can now exercise it off. After a treatment it is a recommended that you go and do at least 20 mins of aerobic exercise to pick up your metabolism to work off the fat being moved around the body. 
In the initial treatment, we conduct a consultation with you about your concerns and the areas you want to target by completing a full body assessment. In order to do this we require you to wear your bra (ladies) and underwear. From here we determine what conditions you would like to have treated (loose skin, circulation, cellulite etc.) This allows us to tailor the treatment especially for you.  During the treatment a body stocking is worn, (for hygiene and comfort), along with a disposable g-string. This is to protect your modesty. We can also drape modesty towels as required.
A course of treatments are required depending on your individual concerns, age and health. We can only determine this from a complete consultation and body analysis.
Individual treatment £45
Body stocking £15
A package of 14 treatments including a body stocking £530 - saving £115
-save £115  £530
A package of 7 treatment £280 - saving £35

Combine DANNÉ Body Sculpting and DANNÉ Body Enzyme in a series of treatments designed to strengthen weakened tissue and increase blood and lymphatic flow. This leads to improved circulation which in turn repairs the cellular skin structure and reflects the firmness on the surface.

DANNÉ body enzyme masque is a specific blend of transfer messenger enzymes. They work to increase the circulatory and lymphatic system and result in a supreme formation of nutrients and oxygen within the skin. body enzyme masque stimulates cellular enzyme functions enhancing metabolism and skin firming.

The Body Enzyme Treatment helps to break down skin cell build-up, smoothes, refines and naturally hydrolyzes unwanted dead skin cells 

A combination of DANNÉ Body Enzyme and DANNÉ Body Sculpting treatments alternated every seven days will help to revise conditions such as poor metabolism, cellulite, fluid retention, poor circulation and weak skin tissue. 
DANNÉ Body Sculpting Cellulite and Inch Loss Treatment  £79
DANNÉ Body Enzyme Treatment  £105